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8 Most Promising NFTs you Could Consider Investing in 2022-23

When it comes to finding new NFT projects with great potential, the abundance of underperforming collections can make the selection process very cumbersome. 

Heading into 2022, a number of exciting new crypto projects are gaining momentum, potentially offering lucrative investment opportunities along the way. Selecting one of those could be a task, so to help you with that, we have listed below the top 8 NFTs and their briefs. 

The best 8 NFTs in which you can invest in 2022-23


Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new NFT game that is in high demand these days. The project uses elements of play-to-earn games, the metaverse, and of course NFTs to create a unique experience for its users.

The main attraction of Tamadoge is the vast metaverse world that players can explore while interacting with each other, called Tamaverse, a collection of NFT-based Madage pets.

In addition to its already strong tokenomics, TAMA is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022 and is a deflationary asset that can help support long-term price increases. 

Battle infinity

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a collection of DeFi features and P2E games that pit players against each other. The project has received a lot of attention and it is currently one of the most watched new NFT projects.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem includes an NFT-based fantasy sports league, his collection of player-versus-player P2E games, an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange (DEX), and an immersive Includes Metaverse Arena. 

It even features highly customizable avatars and a staking platform for players to earn cryptocurrency rewards (released September 24, 2022).

GDS coin

GDS Coin(Great Deal Coin) is an NFT token. This coin allows our community members to achieve whatever they want in the world of cryptocurrencies.

This coin can be used for:

  • Paying bills and buying everything from regular groceries to NFT of decentralized market
  • Provides a 3D world where users can purchase virtual land on the metaverse and monetize through hosting shops, exhibitions, and interactive events
  • It can be traded and exchanged with other cryptocurrencies
  • The stacking module allows you to earn more monthly
  • Play, win, and earn with virtual currency in a live sports competition.

nfts marketplaceLucky block

Another of the best new NFTs to buy now is Lucky Block (LBLOCK). This project aims to revolutionize the gambling sector by implementing blockchain technology to create more efficient and fair NFT competition.

The Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers Club is a collection of NFTs that offer exciting prizes and serve as your ticket to the weekly Platinum NFT competition. 

However, investors who don’t want to buy NFTs can participate in weekly raffles with exciting prizes such as luxury cars, watches, and cash. This collection is available at NFT Launchpad, the best place to buy NFTs. 

The Kleks academy

The next NFT collection is  Kleks Academy. This project was inspired by Polish author Jan Brzechwa’s cult series of children’s novels. The film adaptation of the series, titled The Kleks Academy, is among the top five most-watched Polish films of the 20th century.

Multi-D-NFT is more than just animation. They include six pages of graphics and information that will be revealed over time. 

A new page will be published every three months, detailing new NFT rarities and perks. We take you on a visual journey through the Kleks Academy metaverse powered by blockchain technology and augmented reality. 

Beings DAO

Being is a beautifully crafted collection focused on creating a diverse and unified community. The focus on inclusivity and unity is refreshing and bodes well for the project’s community.

Being’s NFT holders not only become part of an inclusive community of sharing ideas and helping each other but also receive a “master key.” This key is used to access platform giveaways and exclusives.

The collection is free (excluding gas costs). Beings, therefore, has the potential to win the hearts of investors and become one of the cheapest NFTs on the market. 

U-Topia Metaverse

Among all upcoming MMORPG NFT projects, U-Topia stands out by the crowd. The project aims to reshape the Metaverse by creating a world where crypto enthusiasts and gamers can become one.

The main utility of the U-Topia Metaverse Collection is to allow the user to use his U-Topia tokens to level up, complete quests, win duels against other players, and set in-game assets. Access to P2E NFT games.

With so many gaming-focused upcoming NFT projects, it can be tough to pick a solid collection, but U-Topia Metaverse does just that.

Orsetto Gang

Orsetto Gang is an upcoming NFT project featuring 3D NFT graphics based on bears. But this project is more than just visuals, it’s also full of usefulness.

In addition to very well-made art, the owner will be rewarded with full intellectual property rights and his 3.5% of transaction fees. Holders also enter monthly contests for party-style prizes such as music festival tickets.

Orsetto has one of his best NFT presales this year. It has great graphics, a well-defined roadmap, plenty of utility, and a strong community that has the potential to be the best NFT money.

Are new NFTs a good investment? 

When it comes to investing in the NFT market,  new NFT projects often offer the most significant potential. Popular collections can represent a low-risk investment, but with demand already heavily priced in, there usually isn’t much room for growth.

Some investors make huge profits just from buying and selling NFTs. This is not for everyone, but the NFT market is one that should not be ignored. His NFT market in the world has only gained prominence in the last few years but is worth an estimated US$40 billion.  

There are also some collections (e.g. Bored Ape Yacht Club), which were originally made for free but now sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Not all NFTs are good investments, but taking the time to do proper due diligence can yield surprising results.


Above we’ve looked at eight of the best new NFT projects, examined whether NFTs are a good investment, and filtered out the best collections. Among all the above, there is one, which has massive potential. 

GDS coin is the NFT token that utilizes the maximum out of the technology and can be traded effortlessly. The project has managed to overshadow all the other projects with its features and also with the benefits that it gives to its users.

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